News, Current Events and Stuff That We Do Every Week
Check out this section if you want to find out what's going on at The Highlander. We have special events on certain days of the week as well as bands that play when we get the urge to hear live music instead of "Send In the Clowns" on the internet jukebox. (Who the hell likes Judy Collins so much anyway? - it's not like she's Neil Diamond...)

Weekly Specials and Events

  • Sundays
    Come play trivia on Sunday nights and walk away with valuable prizes and elevated self-esteem! (Please note that The Highlander reserves the right to define "valuable"). Trivia starts at 8:00 pm.
  • Mondays
    • D.R.U.N.K. Bar Bingo starts at approximately 9:30 pm - later if the host hasn't had his fill of Miller High Life and Strega...
    • Also on tap - $2 PBR tall boys all day! (well, not on tap really - but you get the idea...)
  • Wednesdays
    Humpday means it's time for our Devil's In The Kitchen special - ALL Highlander Burgers are $6.66!
  • Thursdays
    • On the first and third Thursdays of each month we will now be featuring stand-up from various comedians! Show starts at 8pm.
    • The second and fourth Thursday of each month means a killer Over The Edge Record Party - come out and listen to the DJ spin your favorites!
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